ART for sale

JOY - art card

Women friends ( Heart) Art card

Friendship - women.

Dreaming - Butterfly - sepia tiones. Art Card

Rainbow circle. Art Card Version 1

Rainbow circle - Art Card. Version 2

Dragonfly Dream - Art card.

Sunflower - Good morning. Art Card

Morning Tea - Art card.

PEACE - Art Card. A single Christmas tree - created from an orignal piece of my own ceramic art.

Peace - Art Card. Multiple Christmas trees.

FESTIVE Bauble. Art Card

HAVE A GREAT DAY - ( cup) Art Card

FLOWERS IN VASE - Art Card. Also available as an A4 A 3 and A2 print

Dreaming dragonflies - available as an A3 print.( approx size)

The Dreaming Face - Art card and print.

Sassy Girl - part of an art canvas - available also as a card or print.

flowers in tall vase.

Dream Dragonfly ( long wide card)

I love to play with colour. I was born with a living rainow inside myheart and soul - and all my life I have been a "rainbow warrior" - albeit a gentle one!

I love nothing more than messing about with colour - and that means spending lots of time with paint on my hands.  I  love to create original acrylic canvas art - and mixed media too.  The art cards here are created  from my original art work. IF there is anything you like at all,  then do drop me and  email me at and you can ask about ordering any of my art that touches your heart. My art is available as cards and prints - and some are original canvasses.

Gicle Prints are on INNOVA 315 gsm archival  ink fine art paper. A beautiful quality.  

CARDS    A5      greeting card size        

£.3 each  




A4 £15  

A3 £30

A2 £48