Welcome to my colourful world. 

I loved to create intuitive colourful art from my heart-soul using paper, paint, clay, fabric, glitz, words and more. Mixed media is such fun and I loved to create rainbows in a whole lot of ways. On these pages you'll find all types of rainbow art and if you see anything you would like to purchase then do get in touch and ask.

DATA PROTECTION.  I do not have any of your personal emails stored on my PC. This website is not linked to a mailing list. If you feel you have contacted me in the past  and wish to  be removed please email me and ask to be deleted. . 

I hope you enjoy my textural world of colour.  This art is part of my life and my own healing journey after an accdident in 2014.. I just love it when one of my art forms finds its way to someone else's heart and home. I had to close my studio in July 2017 and so I am working from home right now as and when the mood takes me.  I am planning to ressurect my childrens stories creating my own art work. 

You can contact me  at

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--- DO look and enjoy