My colourful world in photos

These photos are about one morning in my life. I was cosy in my bedroom  - newly decorated. I love the soft and relaxing tints. It used to be pale green!  Then I woke one day and couldn't stand it any more. So glad I changed it. Now it's a joy to go to spend time there. 

It was cold  outside, so I stayed there and snuggled down for an extra hour!  Bliss. Then my thoughts went to what I should wear. My lovely decorative shoes downstairs were calling me. I'd left them there the night before. I'd been looking at them and dreaming of warmth and sunshine and thinking of wearing them walking the promenade just five minutes away or on holiday in Italy. (I was  so excited by that - it was a cookery course.) BUT they are summer's day  shoes. Tho' I will  OFTEN wear them  around the house and make sure they are comfy! 
So back to my bedroom. I decided to sort out some jewellery for a while instead! I design most of it myself ( and buy too when the mood takes me) as well as teaching others at local workshops. Most of them  are wild and wacky and quirky like me - er the jewellery  design that is - not the people. ( well maybe some of them are as quirky as me.) 

I wondered  what to wear. I looked at my "dream cuff" bracelet, but wasn't drawn to wear that colour and instead opted for a blue wild fibre necklace - so blue jeans it was. Calming and relaxing. 

Then a little later before I got dressed and as I passed the top of the landing I thought to myself "Maybe I should dress the 10.15 am lady!"  as well as myself.  ( The clock in the photo stopped at  10.15!)  She's been naked like that for sometime. Bet she's cold!  Maybe she'll appear in later photos fully clad? Now  there's an idea  -  what costume can I design for her I wonder ? My creative mind is already on overload. She did get dressed! 

So then I decided to look for some beautiful blue photos from my stash to glean more about the mood I was in. Why was I being drawn to blue?  Was I seeking sunshine and blue mediteranean pillars  - needing a break? Was I looking for blue embellished shoes to walk a new easy path? ( blue is also truth.)  Did I want to wear blue in my hair to calm my ever active head and mind? or around my throat (as a necklace) to keep my voice light and soft?  Did the butterfly wings that I created remind me of my wanderlust?  Was I remembering feeling cold ... in the ice bar and yearning for the fun Oslo again? 

BLUE is  not only linked to being cool and calm and collected. It is inventive, trustworthy, loyal and the healer. It can also be conceited, critical and unforgiving .. but can also take us into self responsibility and calm self expression.   I wonder what your blue choices may mean to you?