I have a passion for colour, texture, clay, yarn, fabric, paint, paper and glitz!   I love wearing hats and berets, colourful shoes and am surrounded by my artwork in my home. My friends often refer to me as walking rainbow! As you browse through the pages, you will see what an important part colour plays in my life. The rainbow inside me comes out through my colourful art and perhaps I can tempt you to purchase a unique "one of a kind" art form. Please take a look at my facebook page   Freya Perry: Enchanting art    -- and   just enjoy the pages!  I am also on Instagram  freya_enchanted_art 

I live in Hampshire (UK) just a few minutes walk from the promenade and beach front. I  find most of my creative inspiration sitting quietly in my garden  and when walking the beach front. 

I'm really looking forward to sharing how colour touches my life each day, moves my heart and lifts my soul. As often as I can, I will add new pages and photos and share my colourful insights and feelings.

If you see any art on my art prints and art card page that you like, then do email me to purchase. freya@freyaperry.com   . I accept PAYPAL 


Brain trauma... and my art 

In 2014 I had a  traumatic brain injury. A heavy ceramic scuplture fell on my head at home and I was unsconscious for over 3 hours.  I was home alone. It took me most of the next 2 years to get back to some semblance of my former self.  I had to embrace a new me, a new life and art played a big part in my recovery and still does.  Lots of the art on these pages came out of my "accident" - not all of it though.  I live life in a new way and listen to what I need. Somedays  I paint. Somedays I now at last work with  air dry paper clay again.  I try to flow with life. I still have bad days due to sensory overload  and intense brain fatigue - and believe me it is nothing like your worst busy noisy stressful day. I 've been there in the past. This is so different. I don't think you could possibly understand and I wouldn't want you to - for to fully understand  what I ame xperiencing means you would have  been brain injured too.   I am stilli in recovery.  Still building new neural pathways.  Still adapting.  I smile. I look so good thankfully.  I thank all those who have and still do support on my life journey.